Become A Great Lacrosse Parent

Remove the guesswork of learning a new sport. Make it easy on yourself & give your son a competitive edge to help them excel on & off the field.

Follow our proven, step-by-step guide that will help your son master key skills, boost their confidence, and turn you into the Most Valuable Parent in your household.

What Most Parents Miss

Most parents did not grow up playing lacrosse, so they lack the ability to spot many of the small – but impactful – moments that don’t show up on the scoreboard. 

Without a deeper understanding of the rules, skills, and strategies, many parents cheer for & encourage the wrong things. This leads to confused kids, frustrated coaches, and countless missed opportunities for parents to provide helpful encouragement.

There's a Better Way

We've distilled 30+ years of coaching experience into The Essential Lacrosse Guide for Parents™


From the equipment, to the rules, to the game strategy & beyond, gain confidence in your understanding of the sport & effectively lead your family.


Easily identify opportunities where you can provide positive reinforcement. Learn how to ask insightful questions that bring your family closer together while instilling perseverance, accountability, selflessness, and strength.


Propel your son to success by helping them master key skills. Your input will be well-received when your son trusts that you're knowledgeable. 

How It Works

The Essential Lacrosse Guide For Parents

Meet Coach Jamie

SpotFeed: (noun) a technique used to help a teammate score an easy goal

We practice what we preach

Matt Akins teaching

The moral character instilled in us by our lacrosse mentors continues to guide us in all that we do.

Happy campers

When the game grows, we all win. We have a team mentality and are passionate about sharing our knowledge to help others.

first lacrosse game

We offer to others the resources we wish we had when we were starting out in our lacrosse journeys.

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