Everything parents need to know about
the game of boys lacrosse. 


Top 5 Lacrosse Heads for Defensemen

A lot of what makes for an effective stick for a defenseman in lacrosse is simply the length of the shaft itself. That extra length does a lot of work on its own, making it easier to disrupt and knock down the opposition’s passes and making it harder for opposing offensive players to get by

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Top 5 Lacrosse Heads for Faceoffs

With the right amount of practice and good technique, faceoffs can be won using just about any kind of head. But at more advanced levels of play, when everyone has good technique and ample experience, the right lacrosse heads for faceoffs can indeed make a difference in a team’s rate of faceoff success. And when

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Simple Guide to Lacrosse Goalie Needs for Parents

At each end of a lacrosse field sits a 6′ x 6′ metal goal, or “cage,” which is fitted with a net. As with sports like hockey, soccer, and water polo, the main objective in lacrosse is to score more points than the opposing team by getting the ball into the net more times than

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Simple Guide to Lacrosse Rules That Parents Should Know

Most people are familiar, at least in passing, with the rules of the Big Five sports: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer. Lacrosse rules may be a bit less familiar. But lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. That means it’s a great time to learn the rules of the game. So

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5 Best Youth Lacrosse Helmets That Parents Will Love

It goes without saying that your helmet is going to be the most important piece of protective lacrosse gear that you own as a men’s or boys’ lax player. It’s also an item that can last for many years. And those are two important things to consider when you’re navigating through retail websites, staring down

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Top 5 Lacrosse Heads for Goalies

As with similar sports like hockey and soccer, the goalie position is arguably the most important one in the game of lacrosse–a team’s overall success often rests upon the performance of its goalies. A goalie’s performance, in turn, is influenced by the quality and characteristics of his or her equipment. Lacrosse goalies have different equipment

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